Barn and cottage notes - missing / damaged


Some notes from the barn and cottage taken during the new members meet:

  • the signs on the Velux roof windows in the barn have faded; it’s not possible to read things like “open and closed”
    ** I tried to fix the sign ("leave the window closed and the vent open) using the marker from the cottage - it’s more or less readable
  • the first aid kit in the barn is mostly empty; maybe needs refreshed?
  • the black and yellow safety tape on the stairs in the upstairs bunk room is faded
  • there seems to be no floor cleaner in either the barn or cottage. There’s definitely no general cleaner in the barn.
  • there is no septic tank safe hand soap in the barn (cottage?)

Thanks Mike, I’d posted on (hidden) committee post about the signs, but some more good points raised above.

Did you spot I had P.M.'d you through the forums, wondering if you could top up supplies in the barn. Though there is some confusion over what we actually provide groups renting the barn. Chiz thought loo roll wasn’t provided, but if we don’t supply cleaning products it wont get cleaned so more floor cleaner and topping up the w/up liquid essential.



Hi Mike, many thanks for all of the info, and thanks for fixing up the signs, we’ll get some new ones laminated (@Manchi can you do this and post to me/get taken up, there is a photo of the signs in the committee thread to copy?)

We always supply a limited set of ecover cleaners and bin bags for the Barn (to encourage groups to clean the place as Max says) although hand soap and toilet roll was not on the list (the notes to groups have recently been updated and I haven’t yet been sent the new notes, hence the ‘confusion’ Max refers to). If there are any non-ecover products these should be removed when the checks are done, There should be large gallon containers of the various cleaners under the sink in the Cottage for decanting into the smaller bottles, Mike hadn’t reported we were running low but I can order more and take up if we are. There may be a general cleaner rather than a specific floor cleaner, we don’t stock every type of kitchen/bathroom/floor/etc etc cleaner. There should be ecover bottles down at the Barn, if you are still on site could you top up the bottles please? If there are no big bottles left is there any chance you could buy some small bottles of ecover washing up liquid and general cleaner next time you are at a shop? Receipts to @Max_A for repayment, cheers

To everyone, top work here by Mike, if you do notice anything broken/missing etc then please do PM me and I will get it sorted as soon as I can. The Cottage and Barn rely on members to spot problems and report them, so please do let me know, cheers

I’m not on site any more, afraid I left on Monday morning before getting these messages. @Max_A unfortunately I didn’t see the PM and I still can’t (maybe went to wrong person??) but I think there’s at least one member still up there and I’ve sent them a text to please read the forum. Will PM with more info.

@chizharward there were at least two ecover washing up liquid bottles in the barn and I think one general cleaner in the cottage. Hopefully we get some message back and all can be filled.

Thanks Mike, have made contact with Jenny, glad there are bottles at the Barn!

On a general note to all, if you use up the last of a cleaner, please do let me know/refill the bottle from the supply under the Cottage sink/buy another bottle and send in the receipt.