Bank holiday weekend August

Hi all! After having missed way too many meets I’m super keen to make the most of the bank holiday weekend. I know there’s a trip to Italy in the pipeline but would like to know if anyone has other plans as well. I’ll be at mile end this Wednesday so if you are around give me a shout and we can hopefully discuss in between problems :smile:

Bank holiday is almost upon us, anyone planning to go climbing?


@Ariel_Pilotto I will definitely go climbing that weekend. Just don’t know where and who with yet :smiley:
I think it’s worth makeing final decisions on Wednesday at Mile End.

I am working outside of London for a few weeks so definitely can’t make it
to mile end but do let me know what the outcome is. I’m happy with whatever
just need to climb!

@Ariel_Pilotto , we are 3 right now. You, me and @Mikael (new member). It would be perfect to get the 4th climber into the company.

If the car is solved, the question is the gear.
I have a full rack and a pair of half ropes. I have a 70m 9.8mm single rope as well.

Hey, someone. Join us for a long weekend!

I am keen and have a car. What are thoughts on location?

Not that it helps anyone massively with transport, since we are driving from Poole, but currently Ali and I are probably heading to North Wales for the weekend so may stop into the cottage at some point…

I can bring quickdraws and a 70 meter rope. I don’t possess a trad rack, yet…

@Peter, what would you suggest? According to BBC weather forecast, North Wales looks good on Saturday and Monday, but not on Sunday. Pembrook - good all days except Saturday evening (rain from 16:00 till late evening). Swanage is fine all the time. It’s three days, so more distant location seems to be fine.

I’ll be in Pembroke so let me know if you go there and catch up in the pub!

The Bigger gang will also be there (the ones with the dogs), so see you at
the campsite, crag or pub,

I would favour Pembroke. However, I am trying to resolve a work panic right now!?


Tel: 07398718422


Yay! See you there … think camping but at may cottage … glamping! :slight_smile: be there for a week from this eve unless weather gods are revolting …



I missed (or rather didn’t miss) climbing in the 30C heat and humidity, so also missed the pub (in both senses!).

I’m up for climbing one day if anyone can get out. Will have a car. Swanage, Wye or it looks cool enough for the Peak.


Perfect. So @Mikael, @Ariel_Pilotto, @peter.harris2 - we just have to arrange the way we meet on Friday evening.

@Mikael lives relatively not far from Finsbury
@Ariel_Pilotto - where will you be on Friday evening?

I will take a full trad rack and two ropes together with camping gear so it makes a bit difficult to move around with public transport. @peter.harris2 - is it possible to be picked up from Hatfield?

Yes, I live in Camden Town and can meet up with you somewhere. Shall I bring my rope and draws?

I am up for climbing Saturday and Sunday. Prefer peak as I’ll be there Mon, Tue, Wed. Have car but, not so useful, can only offer one way lift unless you also want to be in the Peak on Monday. There is currently an advance fare possible from Hathersage on Sunday evening for £29 (pic attached). Alternatively, I could go to North Wales with a train drop off for anyone who wants to join me somewhere between Capel Curig and Sheffield on Sunday evening.

Hey sorry for the late reply all but had a pretty manic day at work and just got back. I have a car but can only leave Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I live in Clapham, can pick from south West and anywhere at a reasonable distance. Happy to stay on Monday wherever we go. Shall we take this out of the forum? My phone number is 07975719532

@peter.harris2, @Ariel_Pilotto, @Mikael - all set up . If nothing changes drastically we leave around 5pm tomorrow (Sat) for Pembroke.

@Ariel_Pilotto and @Mikael - you’ll probably will have to take a tube to the end of Picadilly line (Oakwood) were you will be picked up by Peter.

Okay, sounds great!