Bank holiday weekend 4-7 May in the South West

@L_Pio and I are looking to get away for the bank holiday weekend somewhere in the South West (as Laura needs to stay on in Dorset afterwards for a work thing). We were thinking Cornwall, but could be Devon or Pembroke. Anyone else keen?

May, I assume?

If you end up nearer to (ie in) Dorset, I think Ali and I are currently planning to be at home (Poole) that weekend and hopefully out climbing if weather permits.

I would love to join a trip to the South west but currently it looks like I will be in Stevenage for work on the Friday which makes logistics a little tricky. Would anyone want to drive down a little later on the Friday night or Saturday morning?

Would love to join in if forecast is better than North Wales. I have Friday 4th off work so could go early. Will be at Castle tomorrow evening too.

I was planning a trip to Pembroke with a mate at that time, but would also be keen to try Devon or Cornwall as I haven’t climbed at either of those yet. We have got Friday off too and plan to set off Thursday pm.

OK, Laura no longer needs to go to Dorset, so am more flexible about location now. Happy to head to Pembroke if people want to go there instead. Or anywhere, really! Ideally, Laura and I would like a lift, but I can borrow a car if necessary (in which case I can offer two spaces).

I am still keen for Pembroke and haven’t made any arrangements. I am quietly keeping an eye on this thread and the weather. Hopefully I’ll be heading there with a friend from my locality…which is not London (it is Loughborough) so might not be much help with lifts.
Would the plan be St David’s camping?

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Just a reminder that there will be a work party at the Cottage over the bank holiday weekend so there may be noise, dust and work around the burner in the evenings, we’ll try and limit it as much as possible but fraid you’ll have to bear with us.
If anyone is up at the Cottage there will be materials and supplies to bring up so would very much appreciate any help in carrying anything up, whether its a bag of cleaning supplies or a 3m long joist!

We were thinking Lakes…probably

Would be keen to join if there’s some car space! Flexible on destination and times.


Are people still planning to get away from London for some rock? I could look at renting a car as well if that helps.

There was talk from Rob of going to the Peak as well?


So John, Laura and Khalid are heading to the cottage. Weather looks good, could be tempted to head that way… @Catrin @MattGee ?

Don’t forgot et it’s a working weekend and there will be disruption.

I will be in North Wales but climbing with some mates from the Climbers’ Club, so using one of their huts in the Pass.

We’ll be working on the shed roof, so although the working party will be taking priority, disruption to other members should be fairly limited at the Cottage, not least because the National Park Authority have replaced the gate at the bottom of the track and stolen our padlock, so we can’t get up the track. We can’t get through the gate actually!

Shame there’s a wagon loaded with timber and lime coming tomorrow morning at 8am…

Ho hum…

All sounds good to me. I will most likely come to the cottage, I’ll make my own way. Will bring a pair of ropes and just a few bits of “favourite/comfort” gear…I have no specific objectives, just coming for the fresh air really !


I am join the Wales weekend to help out and hopefully get some climbing in!

I’m going to join the N. Wales contingent too :smile:

I will be leaving Enfield/Oakwood at approx 7pm (back Monday pm) so if anyone needs a lift give me a shout.

Correction to my previous message, I am bringing a full rack

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Due to the weather forecast in Catalonia being like something out of a biblical apocalypse, I am trying to persuade my friend to get off his (newly rerouted) connecting flight to Barcelona at Heathrow, and then come to Wales instead. So I may see some of you at the hut!