Bank holiday weekend, 24th-26th August

Anyone planning to go anywhere in the UK? Laura and I are keen to get away, but do not have a car that weekend.

I was thinking of heading to the hut in Wales, mainly to get up Snowdon as I’ve never been! Not sure what the weather will be like, but was planning on some hiking and lake swimming if it’s not great for climbing/I’m on my own up there :slight_smile:

I’m tempted by a weekend in the cottage, but might not be able to leave London until Saturday evening (or have to come back on Sunday night).

I’m keen to get away for the full weekend.


I’m heading up to wales to do the self rescue course at PYB on Sat / Sunday, but free Mon-Tues and will staying at the hut from Sunday night. Similarly was planning just to do some hiking or scrambling but would also be up for a climb - partners and weather permitting! :slight_smile:

Debating about the lake district, forecast looking particularly good!

A fab idea. However, finding a campsite with space on a bank holiday could be challenging.

Chapel House Farm… they are pretty accommodating and open additional fields. We had no problem getting in last year for May bank holiday; of course that’s no guarantee!

Sounds very tempting, I would just need a climbing partner…

I might have a space for a climber willing to rockclimb in Wales this weekend (leaving London Heathrow Friday around 6pm, coming back Monday the same time). Group of friends, camping at Oxwich (we have spots booked) 10£ per night per person. Level of climbers varies.

I don’t suppose there’s a chance anyone is driving to/near the hut this weekend? Leaving London Friday evening/Saturday coming back Monday? I thought I had a lift sorted but it’s fallen through a bit last-minute. I can pay petrol, and supply car snacks

Hey Lottie, I am planning to go to the hut this weekend would you be to meet at Upminster ?

Hi @IlyassM,
Any chance you have one or even two additional spare seats in your car?

I am heading to Wales via Shropshire but my mate now can’t come. Have rope and gear. If I’m in area I’ll either be in the Tyn y Coed pub car park in a small motor home with a Because It’s There Adventures logo or in the pub with a small labradoodle and my wife who doesn’t climb. Only just getting back into climbing after taking early retirement so nothing very hard. Let me know if you have similar objectives. Where is the hut in relation to the pub - can’t see from the website? Alternative plan is a few days on the hill until the weather breaks again next week.

I can indeed! When are you heading up and back again? And what snacks shall I bring? :smile:

Hi Timon, I am taking the van so I have space for one additional person plus Lottie. Here is my number 07546645602 in case you are interested.

Also angling for a ride, if any one has space…T

Anyone in London thinking of driving out for a day trip tomorrow or the day after?

I’d be keen @mikedlr.