Bank holiday climbing

Yo yo yo…bank holiday free for me at the mo. Anyone up for climbing? Martin

Absolutely, trad somewhere dry.



Yes - I’m hoping to get out for a day or two. Nae motor.

Awesome!!! Chance to climb with you super dudes😀

I’m up for climbing somewhere!

We’ll be in Scotland…

Nice one. Sounds like a climbing team. Let’s go to patagonia!..yikes… Jokes…ain’t got a car so a lift would be appreciated. Where to go? Discuss down the wall next wed? Have a top weekend

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Come to Pembroke! We are on a family holiday in Bosherston, but I have a climbing pass for a day or two if anyone is around.

Never been so now might be the time! Happy to go wherever though :grinning:

Hi guys. Not going to make the wall today. Still up for the weekend. Peter count me in on a lift. What time would you leave oakwood?

Usually 6.30pm, possibly 6.




I’m looking to do a day trip, depending on who is around. See some of you at the wall later.


Peter, interested in a lift for the whole weekend.

I could get to you for 6.30 from London Bridge. What ya thinking? Do I need a tent? Or go to the cottage?

The weather forecast was suggesting the cottage to be the better idea. Rob and David were also planning to head there.

Nice one. A weekend in North Wales… Love it :grinning:

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Max, have you decided where to climb this weekend? I’m also up for a day trip.

Hi Raul. I haven’t, but from London it’s either Peak, Dorset (probably for sport climbing), or maybe the Wye valley which is a touch closer if the traffic is OK.

Where do you live?

Anyone else up for it?

I live in Limehouse.

I’m up for either. I’ve been to the peak and find the stone features quite peculiar and interesting, but also would be curious to check out other areas too.

What day this weekend were you thinking to go?

Unsure at the moment - I’ve just turned my ankle. At work. Loser.

Assuming I’m recovered, probably Sunday, definitely not Monday to avoid traffic.

What’s your preference re. sport/ trad?