Bank holiday climbing Apr 29th - May 1st

Hi, anyone fancy to go for three day climbing somewhere? Let’s say N.Wales. The weather seems to be quite good.

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I was going to ask the same! The Peak is currently forecast a little bit dryer, but probably a bit of a coin toss either way. Capel Curig forecast Hathersage forecast

N wales, peak and pembroke all look dry on met office - n Wales maybe slightly warmer- i may well be there.

Yes, Laura and I are keen to go away! Would be happy with any of these locations.

How would we be looking for transport? Your car’s still in Lithuania right @Vilius? :slight_smile: Is Ieva planning on coming?

Afraid i am no help as live on welsh border near telford!

That is a good question. We should start looking for one.

My car will be there till the mid/end of June. And Ieva won’t be here this weekend.

@jrtomlins will you guys be driving up from London? Think you might have space for a couple of extra passengers?

Sadly, won’t have the car this weekend.

I’m probably going to the peak district Saturday morning to Sunday evening with a friend but will probably be taking public transport to meet him. If I’m driving, I’ll let folks know. Keep us informed of plans.

Need an NLMC minibus!

Back to the future! That was how we got to Wales in the 60’s

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It’s possible to get a rental car for 60-80 for Friday-Tuesday (if booking today). If four people agree - rental + petrol is around 40 quid pp.

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I’d be up for that.

@jrtomlins how does that sound to you guys?

Sorry, did not check this earlier. That sounds fine to me.

@jobangles, @jrtomlins - guys, I’m booking a car so please don’t change your mind. :wink:

Departure: Friday evening (I can leave approx. at 17.00)
Return: Monday evening

I need your locations to plan Friday evening departure route. I can take you from home or from an agreed place - which one makes more sense and saves time.

BTW, destination - North Wales.

@Vilius @L_Pio will be at UCL and I will be nearby in Fitzrovia on Friday. We both should be able to get away promptly. North Wales sounds great.

Fantastic! I’m based in East London, near homerton hospital.

@jobangles @jrtomlins @L_Pio
I can leave quite early today, so please let me know when are your earliest departure times. I’ll plan route accordingly.