Bamff mountain film festival

Rachel and I have booked early bird tickets for the Banff film festival at the Union Chapel, Islington on Monday, 16 March 2020 from 19:30. They haven’t released the film program yet, but they are normally a great selection. I recommend booking!

There! Thanks for letting us know! :smile:

I have purchased a ticket too; the film list looks promising and they have always been good events. This is for the Blue session of films; there is also a red session of films on other dates…

Is it a good idea to watch blue movies at your age?


Might be tamer than a red one!

Very likely.

Great idea. I’ve booked a ticket too!

I’ve also booked for this date :+1:t3: There are still tickets left if anyone else is keen to join.

Rachel and I have decided not to go because attending large events no longer looks sensible. :-(.

Ditto :cry: