Autumn working meet

Hi everyone, the next working meet is less than a month away.

If you’ve not been before it’s a great chance to meet up and get the properties looking good and running well for the coming months. Hopefully there will be time to get some climbing in on Sunday so bring gear.

Dates: 14th ams 15th October

As usual the club will be providing breakfast and a communal meal on Saturday evening to reward is for all the hard work. Bring food for lunches though.

There will be jobs suitable for everyone so don’t be shy.

Here is the spreadsheet. NLMC Working Meet 14-15th Oct 2023 - Google Sheets

Does the spreadsheet work? I don’t do this on purpose I promise!

It appears to be view only for me.

Not sure if you are already aware but the 2 kitchen lights closest to the bathroom weren’t coming on when we were at the hut earlier this month. Also the damp in the kitchen seems worse than normal, but I don’t know if that’s just because I haven’t been in the club long enough to have seen the kitchen mould as it is.

Thanks Chantelle. I think I’ve fixed it.
The lights work now. It’s because they are wired in series and one has been undone.

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Hi, is anyone planning on driving from London on the Friday night?

Don’t think I can persuade work to let me off completely, but likely could get an early ish finish if someone has a spare spot.

Likewise! Looking for a ride up from London on Friday, flexible on time / pick up location…

Hi John, what kind of jobs are we going to tackle this weekend?

I’ll be driving and could fit 3 persons. I would want to leave after work (Hatfield) can meet at Cockfosters stations around from 4pm
Returning on sunday to east London (stratfor)

@Roman & @Christopher_Knight - I’m trying to get a 1/2 day approved to get out early enough.

I’m super rusty with climbing outdoors after a break, fine to do sport but need to get back into it more before leading trad.

Happy to tag along if either of you have big trad plans though?

Sounds good @Roman, I can meet you at 4pm at Cockfosters

Thanks for signing up folks. Looks like we have a fairly small crew this time but i think there is still plenty we can get done.
Main job will be to replace the old step in the barn dorm. I’ll bring a track saw to cut up the wood.
There are also slats to replace on the bunks.

There will also be painting to do so bring painting clothes.

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The storage heater isn’t giving out any heat but has power. Was going to try and replace the elements?

Two lights in kitchen not working. Toilet rolls and bin bags critically short.