Autumn working meet 8-10th Oct

Hi everyone. It’s nearly working meet time again. There are loads of fun jobs to do so volunteers put your names down on the spreadsheet. Thanks!

The basic idea of the meet is to make sure that we keep our properties in good shape with ongoing maintenance, cleaning and painting. Restocking the wood supply is also one of the autumn. We will be getting a new wood delivery jobs and there are some nice logs to split too.

It’s not all work of course. Breakfasts and dinner will be provided by the club and the communal meal on Saturday makes for a great social event. And bring some climbing gear. If all the work gets done we can get out on the crag.

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Hi John,

Can’t see the spreadsheet - I think you need to switch it to public?


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Hi, John, sorry, can’t make this one, just too busy. There’s plenty of oak to split from when I crosscut the fallen trees, it’ll need at least 18 months to season under cover, if not longer given its Capel… I’ll get up and finish the rest of the wood when I get a spare weekend if it’s not done sooner

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How’s that? I really don’t know what I’m doing with all this IT type stuff.

No worries Chiz. We’ll split what we can and I’m ordering in New seasoned wood.

@johnw1 I think you need to change the Share option to Anyone with the link can edit

Okay. I think that’s what I’ve done. Let me know if it’s not working

Not quite…pic attached
editing rights
Switch the permission on the right to Editor

Happy to come up and lend a hand if I’m free- just need to renew my direct debit with @Sarah_Rae
Is it okay to volunteer for this with that outstanding?

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Absolutely. Thanks Omar

I think I’ve done that now :crossed_fingers:

Yep, all good :partying_face:

Good. Now where is the spreadsheet?

It’s the link on my message at the top of this thread.

Doesn’t seem to much interest in the working meet.

Early days, sure a few more will sign up still.

In my opinion, be it ever so humble, attending a work meet should be a condition of membership.

For the benefit of new members, and those that have not attended a working meet, it may be worth setting out what it involves, and how the weekend works?

The more that attend, the less to each do, and the more social an occasion it is. A great way to meet other members and plan future trips.

I’m sorry I can’t make it this time, if I wasn’t so busy I’d be there again. In my view attending working meets is a pleasure, not a chore, and they’re really enjoyable social occasions, especially watching the President clean the toilets