Autumn working meet 2022

Hi everyone, the next working meet is less than a month away.

If you’ve not been before it’s a great chance to meet up and get the properties looking good and running well for the coming months. Hopefully there will be time to get some climbing in on Sunday so bring gear.

Dates: 22th and 23th October

As usual the club will be providing breakfast and a communal meal on Saturday evening to reward is for all the hard work. Bring food for lunches though.

There will be jobs suitable for everyone so don’t be shy. We will re-supply the wood store and do all the usual cleaning and maintenance jobs. I might be looking into replacing some of the old chipboard ceilings too.

If you are interested please sign up on the spreadsheet and we can sort out lifts etc.

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Processing: Autumn working meet 2022.pdf…

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Hey John,
Definitely up to come and help. Can do DIY stuff and happy to help with chopping wood or doing the old chipboard ceiling.
Were you trying to add a spreadsheet? It seems to be a pdf doc and I can’t open it.

Hi John, I’ll try and get up soon and cut up the remaining logs, I’m afraid I haven’t been up at all this year I simply haven’t had a spare weekend to give to the club

This should work

Also, the right shower cubicle. I found the shower fixture on the floor. Managed to put it back on the wall but could use fixing.

:+1: thanks Matt

Thanks Chiz. No big rush

It seems posting a spreadsheet is testing my IT skills to the limit. Thanks Matt

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Okay cheers Tony. I’ll add it to the list. Any other ideas that people have, please let me know

Looks like I’m free to join so I’ve added my name to the list

I was half thinking of driving up from London on the Thursday night, subject to reasonable weather. If anyone might be interested in an extra day’s climbing let me know.

That’s tempting but I don’t think I can get away

Looks like we have a good crew together.
Thanks for upgrading my spreadsheet whoever did that.

Any volunteers for cooking? We need for for the usual two breakfasts and Saturday evening

Happy to cook! Any idea welcomed

So sorry to let everyone down but going to have to bail on this weekend. Count me in for the next one though :muscle:

I’ll hold you to that as we may well need you to drive people to the AGM!

Sorry guys! Spreadsheet has been compromised! either my phone went awol or something is wrong with this particular spreadsheet :pensive:

I am suggesting Tartiflette for Saturday evening with salads. (One big with ham and a smaller one ham free for your 2 veggies).
Che, if you have some white wine hanging around it might go well…just saying!

For breakfast: porridge or eggs/beans/halloumi/bacon?

Doing shopping tonight before hitting the road so speak up before, if you disagree and/or for breakfast option.