Anyone want to foster a dog?

Hi all,

Does anyone fancy looking after a dog for a few months? She’s a lovely well behaved whippet who I need to temporarily re-home as her owner is unwell. She doesn’t need a huge amount of walking (but will happily accompany you on a long walk if you like). She doesn’t like being left alone for lengths of time so probably not the best for an office worker (hence why I’m not looking after her).

Any takers?

what’s she like with cats, and chainsaws?


Hey Chiz,

I haven’t seen her interact with either of those…she is a massive coward so I imagine if the cat held its ground she’d be fine. I reckon she wouldn’t be such a fan of chainsaws. You’re welcome to meet her f you think it might work?

Shame, I don’t like the neighbours’ cats and chainsaws are quite central in my life

Leithan is with me pretty much all the time, if I’m on site he is just loose and stays hefted so another dog would need to do same or be tied up/in the van (rather not). Is she a town dog?

I didn’t realise there was such a thing as a well-behaved whippet (having just extracted a deer hide from Leithan’s jaws)

I take it she’s in that London? I’m flat out in the shire til after new year but may be able to get to cottage after that to meet and see what Leithan thinks…

If Chiz can’t do it, Jess and I might be able to take her on as a training dog. Training for us, that is…although you’d need her back the weekend Guy and me go to Costa Blanca.

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Thanks Chiz - will message you separately and answer all your questions.

Paul - not sure she would be the best training dog but thanks for offering.