Anybody want to go somewhere?

Coming Saturday the 27th of June I am thinking of hopping on a train in the morning and just going somewhere that is not London. Anybody interested? I’ll probably not go climbing… maybe… but I really just want to get out of London. And the weather will be nice. No overnight stays still so I am not planning to go too far so I don’t spend all day on a train.

Desperately, just can’t this weekend, deadline looms. Another weekend though!

Weather is fairly crap on Saturday. Sunday definitely better. You could get the train to Matlock for about £35 changing at Derby e.g.

And there are crags within walking/hitch hiking distance of Matlock station.

Be careful of your legs though. Bit snappy in those parts.

Yeah actually only made it to Hampstead Heath due to the weather.
matlock is already 3h by train. Without overnight stays that doesn’t really make sense

Pah! I’ve done 2 day trips to Stanage, 3 hours drive then 6 hours of climbing. Worth it :grin:

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I might be able to take a week day off next week if the weather’s any good…