Alps (July) 2022: Ailefroide

Lord knows we all need something to look forward to in these dark January days. And some of you might remember that, technically, we are supposed to be a mountaineering club. Even though we haven’t done any mountaineering (at least, as a club) since 2019…

And so I propose that we put that right this year!

There are many places we could go, of course. But given its relative ease of access, relative friendliness across a range of grades, as well as in terms of hut access and minimal glacier-related-logistics, on-campsite access to cracking single and multi-pitch sport climbing (and, dare I say it, even bouldering), plus proximity to Briançon and all that area has to offer, as well as the wider Écrins massif, I suggest that we relive the glory days of 2018 and go back to Ailefroide!

Dates-wise, I guess around the final two weeks of July would be best (i.e. before the French all go on their mass migration August holiday), as well as in keeping with tradition.



p.s. I’ve just noticed that the rock climbing in Ailefroide has now been added to the Rockfax App (and the 7a I couldn’t do last time has been upgraded to 7a+), so we won’t even need to rely on the weird local guide with its weird injections of sexism and candid photos of locals in lycra.

Absolutely up for a return to Ailefroide and we won’t even have to watch the French winning a World Cup this time. Mid to late July should do nicely (roughly based around Sat 16th to Sat 23rd?). Crampons and ice axes can be hired locally if there’s any snow left.

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If the French let us in this year!

I’d be keen :slight_smile:

Are new members welcomed?:blush:

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I’m interested, assuming that I’m climbing fit by then.

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Definitely new members welcome - the more the merrier. Because of the nature of an alps trip, most people will make some agreements beforehand on who they’ll be climbing with so it helps to know people in the club already and have partners lined up.

I’d be up for this trip. I would not be trying to climb 7a (or harder) but I am pleased there is a new guidebook.

Dates wise, my vote is for our usual week for French alps, 9-July to 17-July, i.e. after 4th July but before holidays to minimise crowds. I’m afraid that I can’t do the week after that.

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9-17th would work for me

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Yes to Alps 2022!! The 9-17th would work for me (better than 16-24th as I have to be back in the UK for at least one of those weekends).

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New members most certainly welcome!

Actually. I can’t make the weekend of 9th July, so may have to miss it unless some people stay longer.

I’m sure I’ll be there over at least 10 days from something like 9th-19th

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Very keen

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Very keen for any dates in second half of July

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Also very keen!

I would like to try out some of the routes in zis leetle book

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I’m keen. Although it being term time isn’t very helpful actually as the longest I can get away for is 5 days (including travel). So not sure it’s worth it. Might try to do a trip somewhere similar in the holidays when I can have a week away instead…

Pull ‘em out of school and bring them with. They can get a real education of granite friction climbing, crevasse rescue and blister-plaster application.

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My epic-count is still pretty low despite my best efforts, this seems like a great opportunity to change that :smiley: