All-Day Saturday Castle Climbing

Will be heading to the Castle Cafe for 10:00 on Saturday morning. Will have lunch and aim to stay until 4:00ish.

Will focus on lead climbing (lead belaying ability preferred).

Drop me a line/ give me a shout if interested!


Should be there and very up for some leading, but will have to confirm nearer the time - really keen to get outside if the weather forecast improves…

Good stuff Sarah; maybe see you Saturday,


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen (dog-related) issues, I‘m going to head to the Castle (Cafe) for 9:00, be out from 10:45 until 2:00, and then go back to the Castle…

Was planning on an early one myself so will see you there at 9

Excellent- see you then Robin,


Hi Will,

Sorry about the late notice, hope to join you guys there at 9:00 with a rope!

Will walk around and try to find you :slight_smile:


No problem Jae,


Hi Sarah,

Not sure whether you’re still thinking on the Castle, but I’ve been drawn into dog parenting (see photo), so won’t be Castle-bound this afternoon,


Aw, poor thing! Thanks for the heads up- a few of us are going for an afternoon climb and then their quiz so will still get a climb in!

Nooo the cone of shame! :cry:

I popped down a bit later on, managed a good couple of solid hours on the autobelays and traversing in the end.

Hopefully catch everyone on Monday instead.