AGM plans and rain

Hi. The Welsh weather is doing its best to disrupt climbing plans this weekend.

I’d prob go to the Beacon if someone will drive me, but there is an open comp on, meaning you have to pre-register. Starts 10 for 10.30.

Who fancies it? £15.


The comp is actually only 3 routes for qualifying. And we’ll be creamed.

I’ll call them to gauge the chance of general climbing.

Ok. It’s comp members only. No walk in registrations on the day and not even for bouldering.

And registration by 6pm this evening. So I guess packing gear was a bit of a waste of time then.

Cameron thinks it’ll be 7b, 7c, 7c+ for the qualifiers then 8a for the semi and 8a+ for the final, depending on the field.
I’ll leave it for this year.

Hah! Punter grades

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