AGM and Awards (nominations needed!)

Hopefully everyone received Matt’s email yesterday giving official notice that the AGM will be held in the Club Barn on the morning of 13th November.

Dinner will be held the night before that the Tyn-Y-Coed. We have had them set aside space for about 20-30 people. The Tyn-Y-Coed is now under new membership and are no longer offering the function room as a space for hire, so we will be in the main part of the pub. I’d say start arriving for 7.30. They are thankfully honouring the booking made under the old management, but no longer do a set menu, and they’d rather we just order what we want on the night and pay as individuals. I’m not myself entirely sure this is going to prove the most efficient system, but it is what it is.

Also annoyingly, I’ve had to cancel the guest speaker, Nick Wharton, who I’d originally booked for after dinner entertainment, as there is now nowhere for him to actually give his talk. In future years we may need to look at altering the venue to somewhere we can actually have a proper sit down meal together and then some collective entertainment (but I won’t be President then!).

Whilst we don’t have a speaker, we will however be resurrecting a dormant tradition: NLMC AWARDS!

That’s right, it’s time to recognise and appreciate those club members who have made distinctive contributions over the past year! Who took the biggest lob? Who is this year’s biggest hospital case? Has anyone actually managed to climb harder grades than they did before 2020? Who managed to turn up to the crag without shoes and/or harness?

These are the sorts of things we need to know. Get your nominations to me before the AGM dinner, so that I can sort out various ‘prizes’ for the ‘lucky’ winners,

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Thie world ain’t what it used to be>. A great shame that the owners of the pub can’t see sense and have a large sit down meal. They will surely start losing customer who will go elsewhere. Cheer. Allen Bordoley.

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It has occurred to me that it might be wise to get an idea of numbers in advance so we can be sure we have quorum for the AGM!

If you are intending to attend please sign up here:

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Does anyone need a ride? And if not does anyone want to give me & JT a ride? Leaving from North London. Would be nice not to go up with an half empty car!

@L_Pio @Tilly_F had to cancel her ride so maybe she’s one? There are several people in the spreadsheet who probably haven’t updated. Would be good if they did. I’m going to arrive from Glasgow so can’t join the fun.

Will be going up with Roman now :relaxed: