8th 9th July 2017 weekend


Anyone fancy getting out for a day trip this weekend? Looks like it could be nice on Saturday in swanage.


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Weather dependent, I might be at water cum jolly for cheedale upper


I’d be up for a day trip! Sadly it looks like I’ll be sans car this weekend - will know tomorrow.

I’d be keen to do something on the Sunday if that would work for any of you?

Sadly I’m also without a car!


I am also without car :frowning:

Good news and bad news - my car will be sorted for the weekend, but unfortunately, I’ve had to move building work to Saturday due to tomorrow’s rain, so can only go climbing on Sunday - thoughts? Wait and see how the weather pans out?

Looking at the forecast, both Saturday and Sunday look nice on the south coast - I’m happy to go Sunday and Tom said he preferred Sunday? If you’re happy to drive! But can also see how weather looks tomorrow or Friday

I’d be keen on some Sunday climbing!


Sounds like a good plan to me!

I’m a little light on gear as most of mine is in Bristol, but i have the
bare essentials.

Assume the plan is for trad?

Will confirm that my car is sorted late Friday - have full rack etc. The trad at Swanage is tidal (from a slightly foggy memory - was a little underwhelmed from the non-tidal bits), with plenty of quarry sport and some closed sport crags with loose rock. However, it’s a 3.5 hour drive when the traffic is good, more like +4 hours including stops, weekend traffic. Same time to drive to Portland, Wye Valley, and Cheddar.
To be honest I forgot the drive was that long - am 50/50 on whether I can fit a super long day in on Sunday at the mo - might have to settle with southern sandstone or do a proper weekend away.

I am planning to drive to Stone Farm on Saturday for a mixture of bouldering and top roping. Can take 3 more people from Chalfont and Latimer tube if anyone interested …

Yeah it is quite a long drive, but everywhere is a long way from London. It sounds like southern sandstone might be the best bet? I don’t have a guide book or bouldering mat…

Matt - are you set on Saturday? It looks likes we might be all going down on different days

I am up for climbing this weekend too. I would prefer a weekend trip, but could do a day trip. I have car, rack and ropes. Is anyone up for a trip to North Wales?

Sunday might work, just checking. I have a bouldering mat. Anyone wanting a lift to Stone Farm on Sunday if I do re-arrange?

I am committed to Saturday. If anyone would like a lift to Stone Farm on Saturday let me know. I can take 3 people :+1:

I might be up for a Wales weekend.

Cool! @jobangles that would be good. Any one else up for a N Wales weekend?

I would be up for n Wales if there is anyone looking for a partner.

I would be keen for a lift if you do rearrange

Keep me posted!

@dadler @jobangles @mortim91
North Wales looking good. Positive weather forecast. I would leave south east London around 4pm. My email phone 07920 081 369. Please text me with your phone number. Suggest meetup for lift at Hammersmith around 5:30 or 6pm.