7a recommendations

Anyone got any good suggestions for sport 7as to try?

A few starters:

  • at Cheddar, Shaking like a Leaf and Get that Man are probably the cream of the crop.
  • the only 7a that I’ve done in South Wales is Salmon running Bear Cunning at the Gap, although I have it on fairly good authority that Western Front Direct at Navigation is the best in the area.
  • on Portland, To Wish the Impossible is good (Medusa Falls, next to it, is less so). I don’t know if I’ve done a 7a down there but the best crags on the island are probably Wallsend and Coastguard, as long as you get the conditions (breeze, sun, humidity sub 80%, don’t even show up until the sun has come round), so the 7as there are likely the best too.
  • Swanage, Peppercorn Rate is the one I’d pick. Winspit is the best of those quarries.
  • oddball contender but if you fancy DWS then Horny little Devil is brilliant. It does have bolts too, to be fair, but I doubt it’s seen a roped ascent in some time.
  • I’ve not done one on Yorkshire lime that I’d recommend, but the best ones are probably at Kilnsey. As for Peak like, again no real experience but Cheedale Cornice is likely to be where the best ones live.
  • I have little or no experience of North Welsh sport.
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Portland: I’ll second To wish the impossible at Blacknor, and also add Victims of fashion and Pump Hitler at Battleship cliff. Haven’t been to any other UK sport venues :pensive:

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Of the Portland ones, which is all I’ve tried in the UK, agree with the recommendation for To Wish the Impossible - nice, gently sustained and without any stopper moves; very doable 7a if i’m honest. Wolfgang forever was class. Vin Chaud, not as memorable, but another good one to try.

Hard to recommend any of the others. Def. avoid Medusa falls unless you can make your feet stick to vertical glass,

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