3rd to 6th of may 2019 Climbing

Hey there!
JT and I would be keen to go away this weekend (possibly to the Lakes?). Are people thinking about going somewhere?

I may head up to Northumberland for a day, possibly one day trad in the peak/lakes and maybe one day running in the lakes. All from York though

Stupidly agreed to speak at a conference on Sunday so this weekend is basically out for me.

Planning to be back in Snowdonia with some mates, this may fall through so I would be up for Peak or Wye if so.

I am interested in a long weekend trip somewhere, ideally to a sea cliff, or mountain crag area.

Hi all,

My wife thinks she left her watch in the toilet block in the barn a couple of weeks ago. If anyone is up at the cottage and can see if it is still there and leave it in the cottage, it will give me a good excuse to get back up there soon :slight_smile:



@john likely I have it. We moved it out and then the people moving it left it behind too :slight_smile: can you PM me the make?

I’ll keep an eye on this thread, I could do a Peak day trip on Saturday or Monday but nothing further afield as I am going to Shuttleworth air show on Sunday
Also if I arrange a Peak day trip with other local friends I’ll post on here in case anyone wants to join us one day eg to make up numbers

I’d be keen to do something too. Haven’t done any outdoor climbing in britain yet and would love to see some areas

I’m keen for a weekend away.

We’ll be out somewhere in peaks on saturday most likely, rest of weekend is booked…

I am planning to go to cottage for these 3 days (as it is already 50h I am outside Wales), if there will be someone around interested in climbing easier things, I am up for it - otherwise long hikes/scrambles and/or maybe some bouldering.

I’m interested in the peaks for a couple of days climbing too… heading up from Oxfordshire though…

In the end we’re heading to the cottage :slight_smile: See some of you up there!