23-24th Sept - gower

Is anyone planning a trip anywhere for this w/end Sept 23-24?

The grower climbing festival is on .
Tutu wanted to create the thread but is new to the club and we are just sitting her posting powers.

Anyone keen?

I’d definitely be up for heading somewhere this weekend!


Thank you for posting the thread @coffeepot!
I’m very keen to go climbing somewhere while the weather is still not too bad, however I don’t have my own transport :pensive: That said, if there are no drivers at all, I’d also be up for taking a train to Portland or Swanage (presumably the closest climbing destinations to London)…

Gower looking a bit damp on Sunday, so N, Wales might be better. The following have expressed interest.

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Me and my shadow are interested!

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Yay come to n Wales! Was planning to stay in cc hut but might even come to cottage :slight_smile:

yes, confirming my interest as well

I’d love to go to Wales! :grin:

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Peter can take his car, and I’ll go with him, leaving from Oakwood around 6 to 6:30pm. We have 2 spaces. Toby can take his but his phone number isn’t working. Can anyone contact him?

We are planning to go to the cottage in Wales.

Toby is still keen and has his car, and so we just need to sort out who’s going in which car. I don’t know where @Tutu lives /works, or @dadler. Can you post here or contact me on 07968 346937 and we can sort it out?

I live in North London (Tufnell park N19)

Oh and I’m working from home tomorrow so flexible on leaving time!

So can you meet us at Oakwood at 18:15?

You need a sleeping bag, any climbing gear. We normally eat out at the pub on Saturday night.

yes I can be at Oakwood (station?) at 6:15!
got a sleeping bag and personal gear plus carabiners, slings and a few random trad bits and pieces which I’ll bring along. Don’t own a rope but I think I could borrow one if necessary.

Yes, the station. We should be OK for ropes. Bring breakfast and lunch if you can, though we might stop en route at a shop.

okay sounds good! I’ll bring some food. see you tomorrow at 6:15 :slight_smile:
my number is 07965463672 just in case

I am 07833 435 949. I thought @toby was driving? Is @jobangles still in?

Yes, I am driving. Currently planning to take @dadler and @jobangles, leaving Hammersmith at 6:30. One more space in the car!

Correction, meet at 5:30! @dadler @jobangles