2023 Pembroke Meet - 5th/6th August

Who doesn’t love Pembrokeshire and sea-cliffs! Keen to get this one up as I know it is fast approaching so good to get an idea of numbers. The climbing is glorious (particularly in the sun) and there is a good range of grades.

Unfortunately, I can’t make this, but @Rich has kindly offered to be the point of contact for this one :slight_smile:

Meet type: Seacliffs/ Trad

When: 5th & 6th August (possibility for extra days if of interest)

Location: Pembrokeshire coast

Previously we stayed near Bosherston, as there is cheap and cheerful campsite near a pub and close to the range east crags. Propose this again unless there is strong interest in being closer to the northern crags/St David’s this time

Experience level: Range of grades available

Skills needed: Lead belaying and abseiling (with prusik) and ideally awareness of how to ascend a rope (if needed). Usually abseil approaches and some tidal.

Equipment required: Basic climbing and abseiling kit (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes, personal anchor and prusik loops (x2) and ideally some additional personal kit (slings, carabiners). Abseil ropes always good!

Signup: NLMC 2023 Pembrokeshire Meet - Signup - Google Sheets


Accommodation: Previously we have stayed at the cheap and cheerful Bosherton Campsite - https://www.bosherston.co.uk/ 6pppn & no booking required. Recommend heading there again unless an alternative is put forward.

Transport: As usual please look at the sign-up sheet and arrange transportation usually via sending a DM to your preferred driver. Please update spreadsheet once you’ve agreed a lift.


  • Sea cliffs can be more serious in nature than other climbing venues so please make sure you are comfortable with the skills needed, if unsure please ask one of the other committee members
  • Climbing partners are self-organised between members, this is often arranged informally in advance/on the drive down/ at the campsite over breakfast
  • Reminder that those joining the meets are preferably members (for insurance purposes) but as a minimum need to have joined us at the wall for a belay check
  • Please make sure you are aware and comfortable with the BMC statement of participation, by signing up to the meet you accept this Meets - North London Mountaineering Club

Yesssssssssssssssss Tilllly

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Evening all

Regards Tilly’s email below. I’m the contact for this meet, so please be gentle with me. Only thing I would add to Tilly’s email is that I will start a WhatsApp group for this so we can discuss operational details etc, if everyone is happy with that?




Faaaabulous! I’m down! I’ve added my number to the sign up sheet, happy to be on a whatsapp group. Also v happy with whichever campsite :smiley:

I’m in. I’m voting for camping at Bosherston too.
Just back from a great weekend in Pembrokeshire.

I’m also planing to go the weekend before for the Range West briefing and maybe stay some days in between!

I added my name in! I may be too late but would love to be in the WhatsApp group if I am able to join!

To save me adding everyone manually (unless someone knows an easier way?), could everyone send me a WhatsApp message, I will then add them to the group message



Hey Rich, you can create a link to the group so that everyone can add themselves. Instructions here.

Note to self: bring a sleeping bag this year… :flushed:

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Just a quick note - if this thread is public, I’d avoid using a group link, as anyone would be able to join rather than just those in the club!


We’re currently in Cornwall enjoying the rather varied weather!. We’ve been climbing at carn barra for 2 days in a row with team Wagg, but have been rained off for the last 2 days. We’re also planning to be in Pembroke for the first week in August including that weekend so will probably see you all then. Would be great to hook up.
Simons field in bosherston is really the only sensible choice…
See you soon
Brian Bigger and Lucy Regan

Morning all

WhatsApp group now up and running. Please feel free to join should you wish, just WhatsApp me a message and I’ll add.

Propose the campsite is as per Tilly’s email. Cold showers but close to the pub. I think this is also known as Simon’s field? I will confirm as I’m going down early.

Please read Tilly’s email regarding experience and competency. If you can’t or don’t want to lead, we would suggest you contact someone in the group willing to lead for you before you commit.

There are no bird restrictions I know off. MOD restrictions for west area are in place but no live firing is scheduled.

Tides are not great with high tide around 9-10am so plan accordingly.

Weathers going to be great, I’ve booked sunny intervals with a light breeze.

That’s it for now.




Hi all

Can we please update the spreadsheet regarding lifts or no longer going etc to make sure everyone can hopefully get a lift. Ta





Amazing weekend. Thanks @Rich for pulling this together and thanks everyone for persevering in spite of potential weather doom to nab a beautiful weekend! x


Great Trip. Amazing weather you arranged for us @Rich and @LIon (and any others that helped) perfect proof that the weather forecast with their warnings of “Storm Anthony” is a conspiracy.

Thanks also to all the leaders, like Khalid and George who took people out so I ended up able to push my (ankle injury recovery) grade and do fun stuff with Lucy.

Great to see everyone and hoped you all got some good climbing in. Pembrokeshire is pretty a special place.

Glad the weather gods were with us. 23 of us seems a good head count for such a pessimistic forecast. Keep the faith brothers and sisters….