2022 Best Performance in a Climbing Video

For those who weren’t able to attend the AGM Dinner on Saturday (or who were sat more than 1 meter away from my laptop), here is the footage that won @khalidqasrawi his award for Best Performance in a Climbing Video


What were the other awards/awardees?

I can’t remember them all, but we won a roll of finger tape each for our mini-adventure trying to escape a route at Almscliffe :blush:
@Tilly_F perhaps unsurprisingly (sorry Tills!) got most injuries/A&E visits
@Ladislav and @George_T got cutest couple (:heart_eyes:)
@Haszko won some small foam planes to fly instead of his paraglide to avoid more crashes
@Tilly_F also won a wooden spoon for her epic custard-making (and taking back home!)