2021 Calendar - Urban Uprising

Hello all,

Not sure where to get your climbing calendar for 2021? Look no further.

As we at the NLMC are not making our own calendar this year, please may I turn your attention to the Rucksack Club Calendar…


The full cost of each calendar (£10) will go to Urban Uprising, a charity that use indoor and outdoor rock climbing as a tool to improve the physical, social and emotional well-being of young people from diverse, disadvantaged backgrounds.

As a disclaimer, I don’t know how big the calendars are and I don’t know what the layout is, but I think it’s a great cause and I’ve just ordered mine! Fingers crossed I can fill it with lots of climbing weekends and trips away.



What? No calendar?

Not that I’ve heard of! Probably seeing as climbing pictures may be lacking this year…

I’ve just received my Urban Uprising calendar though and it’s great - same size as our 2020 NLMC calendar, with some amazing pictures :slight_smile:

We should do either a Pets of the NLMC calendar or a Hangboard Setups of the NLMC calendar

:joy: I would fully support these


What, you can have a photograph of my hang-board set-up or my houseplant collection…