2020 Photo Calendar Orders!

As is tradition, there shall be an NLMC Photo Calendar for 2020, featuring action shots of Club members from the past year, as well as the official meet dates that are happening each month.

Design is nearly at completion, and I’d like to get them ordered before, erm, 2020. So let’s say a deadline for orders of 20th December.

The price will be £15 per calendar (so long as I order at least 7, so I get the bulk buy discount).

Please fill in the traditional NLMC spreadsheet to indicate how many you desire:

Am I really, truly to believe that only 8 people want calendars?

Please be aware that if you don’t order before Friday, you won’t get! I’ll be buying only enough for people who say so in advance, and there won’t be any spares for latecomers!

We would like one. Also, get one for the Castle and one for Mile End (gratis).

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Nice one, thanks for organising this, Paul. Are you willing/able to post them to those of us in the provinces?

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Yes I’ll sort something out with postage. May need to add on a few quid for those who aren’t London-based for postage but I’ll sort it.

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I want two please

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You may have two…if you fill in the spreadsheet!

These have now been ordered!

Unfortunately I forgot about P+P in the original estimate…so they are actually £17 each. I’m guessing everybody is ok with that :grin:

Once they are in, money transfers to the NLMC account [details in due course]. Once @Catrin tells me you have paid, I’ll give you a calendar.

Non-London people: we can arrange forwarding by post individually; I’ll pay and you just transfer me however much it cost to post.

With any luck they’ll all be in by the New Year.

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Quick update: calendars are due for delivery tomorrow. I’ll aim to distribute on Monday at the Castle and Wednesday at Mile End.

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for the non-Londoners what’s the additional P&P charge?

I’ve paid. Should be there on Monday to claim my reward

Errrrrr…I’ll let you know when I’ve posted?

Send me your address and I’ll pop one in the post when I’m back from Spain on Monday

Hi Paul, thanks for sort this out, have you got the NLMC bank account details?

I believe these are correct:

Payment details:

North London Mountaineering Club
Co-operative Bank plc
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65666984

I’ve just paid and aim to collect on Monday.


I got really sick in El Chorro, and still feel like death, so I won’t be climbing tonight. I plan therefore to just pop into the Brownswood at about 9.30-10 to drop calendars off to those who are there.

@catrin and @guyarnold if you guys are in at your flat I can drop off to you on the same run.

@HollyP - do you live near-ish the Castle? As you’re not training tonight I could do same for you.

@PaulSagar I’m in Southgate N14, but don’t worry about dropping it off. If it’s easier to post I can send you a few more squids for postage.

Paid up - will be at the pub later!

Sorry all - I thought I was on the mend this morning, but I have taken a decided turn for the worse and I think it would actually be irresponsible of me to drive anywhere in my present condition. I’ll aim to give people calendars on Wednesday at Mile End as planned, and aim for next Monday at the Castle.