2018 NLMC Film Night - 28 February

Just a note to kindly save the date for the annual film night, which we hold to benefit Climbers Against Cancer. We have happily been able to reserve the downstairs private room at the Water Poet (9-11 Folgate Street) for the evening of Wednesday, 28 February. I will post more details as we get closer to the date, but we should have the room from about 7 so can kick off the films around 7:30 or 8 (the lineup is still a bit TBD, but should cover ground from the grit to the greater ranges, so hopefully everyone will find something to be motivated by :slightly_smiling_face).

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Sounds great Dave look forward to it!

Just reposting this to remind folks to swing by if they can on 28 February, Wednesday, at the Water Poet for the Film Night. I know some people will be away but hopefully a fair number of us can make it.

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I’ll be there!

Me too!

And me! :smiley:

Here is a link to an Eventbrite registration for the Film Night, please forward to interested friends. Massive thanks to @Tutu for cranking out an awesome poster on terribly short notice. Looking forward!

I’m In!

Should we register on eventbrite too?

I’m definitely attending.

I’ll be there. Look forward to meeting more members

Hey @Miguel_Aguirre - no need really, the eventbrite is just to have something easy for people to send to friends/colleagues who might want to come and aren’t otherwise using this thread and so I can tally up rough numbers so Water Poet can lay out the seating.

Hello - just a reminder to please drop by if you can this Wednesday at the Water Poet for an evening of motivating alpinism films. Please bring interested friends/colleagues, the more the merrier. We will probably start the screening about 7:30 and have an intermission about 8:45.


See you there

@dadler @khalidqasrawi
Hi guys. Sorry but not going to be able to make it. Got a work do on :pensive: can someone say a little about new members. Thanks

Hi all,
if you want to make some publicity for the event among your peers that
would be highly appreciated.
Easy action could be to send invite to the event among your work colleagues
or share the NLMC facebook invite in your timeline.

Thanks and see you tomorrow,

Looking forward to seeing everyone later. The room at the Water Poet is the same as last year - down the stairs in the dining room (through the bar, past the stairs for the washrooms, hang a right into the dining room and down the stairs).

Sorry not going to be able to make it. Snow stops play. Hope you get a good turn out despite wintery weather

It was a great night. Thanks to @dadler and others who organised it!

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yes, nice job Dave, enjoyed the films and meetings some new faces. Thanks everyone who supported it on a day of bad weather and sketchy travel.

thanks dave!