19-20 Aug 2033 North Devon Meet

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve left this a bit late, have got distracted with my move planning!

Wanted to gauge the appetite for the North Devon Meet weekend of 19th & 20th August so can booked in if people are keen.

Have tried to pull together a sign up sheet in case there is interest (apologies if it doesn’t work doing on my phone!)

I might be offline for a few days as on my way to Scotland!

@Rich has kindly offer to coordinate again and definitely knows more about the venue than me!

I’m keen. But, if it’s raining then I am not.

Sam and I are keen, but need to have a look at available grades, what part of north Devon is recommended?

Hi Chantelle

Baggy point in north Devon has a weekends worth of great climbing. It’s generally slab with good access via ‘easy’ abseils. The grading is Diff onwards, with a good number and range of lower grades.
There are other coastal areas worth visiting as well. Also inland areas like Dartmoor are great.

Great beaches and pubs nearby.

Only potential issue is that the area is very busy with tourists in august and climbs might also be busy?

High tide around 8am, which is not ideal for early starts to beat the rush (car queues) and to get a car park space, but no big issue.

Hope that helps


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I can’t remember the fine detail, but there’s some stuff to do at Baggy even at high tide - I think the right hand end of the slab with Urizen on it stays dry, although the absolute best high tide option is likely to be Kinky Cowboy

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Some of that area can be ok but it depends on the sea state


I can and would love to join :blush:, sadly I can only leave on Friday afternoon, but flexible on the return :slight_smile:

We are really low on drivers :grimacing:, sadly

Indeed we are a little short on drivers. Let’s give it till Wednesday/Thursday to see if we get any more drivers.

Regarding campsite. Lobbs field has space at £30ish a night for each pitch. Only one tent per pitch with up to two people per tent.



Great, thanks both. :blush:

Think we will skip this one. From what I can see on Rockfax doesn’t look like much we would be able to lead around north Devon, need a bit more experience.

Apologies, cancelling this trip due to lack of drivers. Probably a bit of a blessing as it will be super busy down there. Going to the Peak District Saturday morning to Sunday, should anyone wish to come.


For this weekend the rainfall patterns suggest staying south; I think that if I come along with space for myself Daniel and max another two it might be worth reanimating this as an informal trip to Devon or Dartmoor?

The Devon ‘ship’ has sailed for Karl and I Michael. Peak District is calling this weekend.

Christmas ideas😄
Andy’s old book it the best reference guide you will ever need imo

And his new book