10/10/15 Working Meet Report

A very poductive meet. Well attended by the committee with Tim, JT, Naomi, Tom and myself in attendence. Bob Adams gave us a hand on Saturday.

We stripped and painted the benches, with quite a bit of rust removal before hand.

We also strimmed the grass (I found the strimmer terrifying), redid all the signs, repaired a hole in the barn ceiling, chopped wood and did some miscellaneous rstocking, cleaning and tidying.

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Have you got the full list of attendees? Good job on the benches. Iā€™m looking forward to seeing them.

That is the full list of attendees!

Sounds like you must have been pretty productive. Iā€™m sure I can see Harriet working on the rusty bench.

Oh yes. Oops. Sorry, @hkirk777