Christmas Curry 2018 12th December


IIRC, Monsoon’s wine list is red or white (insert Hot Fuzz gif here) and their beer list is Cobra (pint of bottle).


Does the pub / tandoori have a TV so we can watch the sport tonight?


I didn’t know you were an 1899 Hoffenheim fan


Looking forward to see you all tonight :slight_smile:


I won’t be able to make it tonight, sorry for the late notice.
I’ve caught a cold and I was hoping it gets better but is still there :frowning:
Sad to miss it, have a great night everyone!


@khalidqasrawi nothing of relevance on the TV tonight. The mighty Reds smashed the Napoli scum last night and that is all that matters.


Ten bells from 6. The monsoon restauraunt brick lane from 7.30/8. Then somewhere else. Laters


@Miguel_Aguirre it’s not BYOB then?


I don’t know if they allow that too (I know some places do both) but I’ve always drunk their Cobra there.


At 10 bells, pretty lively! Two parties on upstairs so 40 people may be a challenge, but worth a shot.


Brilliant night thanks @bullopolis for sorting!



The last picture isn’t doing me any favours :joy:


Fantastic evening with a fantastic crowd


Guys…what can I say…you were allll brilliant. Fearless in the face of fodder adversity, imperious in your imbibing and delectable on the dance floor. Big thanks for such an amazing turn out. Peace! Uploading: E997EAF9-56AA-4BF1-A7C3-F00DB94B5021.jpeg…




hahaha I forgot about Pizza Cash Machine


So many of my dreams came true that night.